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Vegetarian Diet why it’s good to be vegetarian

So now that I am vegetarian, I have embarked on a quest of reproducing my favourite steak sandwich and hamburger using meat substitutes and other non-animal products.

vegetarian burger

People choose to become vegetarian for all different reasons. Some choose to adopt the vegetarian or even the vegan diet for the scientifically proven benefits they bring.

You see very few vegetarians in hospital beds dying of cancer of the stomach and other horrible diseases of this type.

Vegetarians as a rule also enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a more positive mental attitude. Some say that eating the flesh of tortured creatures carries through vibrations of horror and despair.

I can’t validate this, but it surely does make sense. Human beings are vibratory creatures. We pick up on each other’s vibrations or energies and also the animals that surround us.

Another reason for the increased health is the fact that vegetarians do not ingest the copious amounts of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and other diabolical drugs that slaughterhouses have to use in order to stop the dead flesh from putrefying.

The moment an animal is murdered for its meat, that animal starts to putrefy. This is the natural process that takes place when a body dies human or otherwise. In order to market the meat and to sell it the manufacturers must inject chemicals and preservative into the meat. These chemicals slow down the putrefying process. The refrigeration slows it even further.

Of course, meat-eaters ingest these chemicals and agents alongside the hormones and the antibiotics and fattening agents that are forced onto the animals to speed up their fattening process so that they produce more weight and more profit.


Why I am vegetarian

Whilst I am aware of the health benefits of being vegetarian, I did not choose to be vegetarian for those reasons. In fact, I must confess that I still love the taste of meat and sometimes still long for a barbecue steak

During my flesh-eating days, I used to marinate my steak overnight and I still remember the wonderful aroma of the meat cooking over the coals.

So I am not one of those vegetarians that squirm at the thought of eating meat, or faint at the smell of cooking flesh, not at all.  I love the taste of meat and if I was able to obtain meat without killing animals I would happily go back to meat-eating health hazards or not.

However, since it is not possible to get a sirloin steak without murdering a poor innocent creature, I choose not to eat meat.

Don’t get me wrong I do not miss eating meat.   Indeed since I became a vegetarian, my meals have become more interesting and certainly more creative. My Italian heritage has also blessed me with tons of wonderful recipes that are meat and fish free.

I believe that we do not have the moral rights to murder and torture innocent creature when there is so much else that we can eat. And certainly there is no other benefit to eating meat other than satisfying the taste for blood. This I can understand.

I am also aware that the vast majority of people would instantly become vegetarians if they had to kill a calf or a fully grown cow with their own hands. Most people are truly disturbed and horrified by the shocking acts of cruelty and inhumane behaviour that face these poor creatures every day.

Of course, consumers never get to see what goes on in the torture chambers. They only way they see meat is in neat little packets at the supermarket.


Why this vegetarian site

One of my most favourite meals was the steak sandwich? and yummy hamburgers.   I still remember the delicious meals I enjoyed and the wonderful hamburgers I ate during my teenage years as a flesh-eater.


Meat substitutes for vegetarians

Over the last 20 years as a vegetarian, I have found so many meat substitutes which have contributed to making some of the best vegetarian steak sandwiches and vegetarian hamburgers in the world.

Today I can, once again, eat my favourite finger food, but this time without harming any animals. So this site is all about vegetarian hamburgers and vegetarian steak sandwiches.

I will be posting all of the recipes for my favourite vegetarian hamburgers and vegetarian steak sandwiches, a new one each month.

If you too have found a recipe for a scrumptious vegetarian hamburger or sandwich, please send it to me using the contact us form. I will post it here for the benefit of all our vegetarian readers.

I will also credit your name and give you a link to your website or place or business.  So, I invite all my veggie friends to be creative and send in lots of recipes.

vegetarian burger

Vegetarian Burgers Recipes post updated on the 29 August 2019.